On Target Tip technologies are designed around the ability to lower the deflection and squirt on any shaft.


The Hybrid tip uses the Low Deflection tech in conjunction with true hybrid technology to deliver the best energy transfer resulting in a tip that doesn't require you to hit as hard on a majority of shots. 

The PILL is the answer for those looking for reduced squirt/deflection without having to give up the other tips they have grown to love and have become accustomed to. 

In the development process, the ideal material was found for jump/break tips resulting in the offering of one of the best jump/break or super hard playing tips around. 

A New Generation of Tip Technology

The First Ever Squirt/Deflection Reducing Tip

For the first time ever, the technology has come that allows any shaft to become a low deflection/low squirt shaft. 

This is great news for the collectible cue connoisseur who would like to use the shafts that came with their cue but have grown fond of the benefits of low deflection/low squirt technology.  

Our Products:

  • Low Deflection (low squirt) tip
  • Hybrid tip
  • Jump-Break/Super hard tip
  • The Pill

Save Your Wallet

Never before have the benefits of low deflection/squirt been so affordable. 

With MSRP's that are equivalent with other high end tips on the market, the ability to gain the benefits of low deflection/squirt technology has never been easier on your wallet. Whether you just bang balls around on league nights with your buddies or you compete in the toughest tournaments, now the expense of LD/LS technology is no longer a barrier for you. 

Low Deflection